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R-044 Blemish Fix (CBI Laboratories, Inc) R-Gene (Pharmacia and Upjohn Company) R-Tanna (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) R-Tanna (Prasco Laboratories) R.E.M. Day SPF 30 (Erno Laszlo, Inc.) R2 (Water-Jel Technologies) R2 System (Water-Jel Technologies) RabAvert (Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics GmbH) RABBIT (ALK-Abello, Inc.) Rabbit Bush (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Rabbit Epithelium (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Rabbit Hair (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) RABBIT HAIR AND EPITHELIA (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Rabbit Meat (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Rabbitbush (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Rabbitbush Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) RACHEL K MINERAL CC (RACHEL K COSMETICS PTE. LTD.) RACHEL K MINERAL CC PRESSED (RACHEL K COSMETICS PTE. LTD.) RAD HP (Natural Creations, Inc.) RadiaBlock (Medline Industries, Inc.) Radiant C UVA/UVB Sunscreen (Herbalife International of America) Radiation (BioActive Nutritional) Radiation (Deseret Biologicals, Inc.) Radiation (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) Radiogardase (Heyl Chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH & Co. KG) RADISH (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Radish (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Radish (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Raggedy Ann and Andy (My Habitat Brands LLC) Raggedy Ann and Andy Foam (My Habitat Brands LLC) Ragweed Mixture (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) RAIN AND SHINE LIPTINT (ORIGINS NATURAL RESOURCES INC) Rain Breeze Toothpaste (Yangzhou Hengyuan Daily Chemical Plastic Co., Ltd.) Raining Rose Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer (Raining Rose, Inc.) Ralph Lauren (L'Oreal USA Products Inc) Ramipril (American Health Packaging) Ramipril (Apotex Corp.) RAMIPRIL (Atlantic Biologicals Corps) Ramipril (Aurobindo Pharma Limited) RAMIPRIL (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Ramipril (Cadila Healthcare Limited) Ramipril (Camber Pharmaceuticals) Ramipril (Cardinal Health) Ramipril (Cobalt Laboratories) Ramipril (Dispensing Solutions, Inc.) Ramipril (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited) Ramipril (Exelan Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ramipril (Golden State Medical Supply, Inc.) Ramipril (Lake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Ramipril (Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ramipril (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ramipril (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Ramipril (Rebel Distributors Corp) Ramipril (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Ramipril (Roxane Laboratories, Inc) Ramipril (Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc) Ramipril (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc.) Ranexa (Cardinal Health) Ranexa (Gilead Sciences, Inc.) Ranitidine (Actavis Mid Atlantic LLC) Ranitidine (Aidarex Pharmaceuticals LLC) RANITIDINE (American Health Packaging) Ranitidine (Amneal Pharmaceuticals) Ranitidine (Apotex Corp) Ranitidine (Aurobindo Pharma Limited) Ranitidine (Bedford Laboratories) Ranitidine (Bryant Ranch Prepack) RANITIDINE (Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Ltd.) Ranitidine (Cardinal Health) Ranitidine (Chain Drug Marketing Association Inc.) Ranitidine (Contract Pharmacy Services-PA) Ranitidine (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited) Ranitidine (Fred's Inc.) Ranitidine (Glenmark Generics Inc., USA) Ranitidine (Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.) Ranitidine (IVAX Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ranitidine (Lake Erie Medical DBA Quality Care Products LLC) Ranitidine (Major Pharmaceuticals) Ranitidine (McKesson Contract Packaging) Ranitidine (McKesson Packaging Services Business Unit of McKesson Corporation) Ranitidine (Medline Industries, Inc.) Ranitidine (NCS HealthCare of KY, Inc dba Vangard Labs) Ranitidine (P and L Development of New York Corporation) Ranitidine (Par Pharmaceutical Inc) Ranitidine (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Ranitidine (Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc.) Ranitidine (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Ranitidine (Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Inc) Ranitidine (Qualitest Pharmaceuticals) Ranitidine (Rebel Distributors) RANITIDINE (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Ranitidine (Sandoz Inc.) Ranitidine (Select Brand) Ranitidine (Shasun Pharmaceuticals Limited) Ranitidine (Shopko Stores Operating Co., LLC) Ranitidine (Shopko Stores Operating Co., LLC.) Ranitidine (Silarx Pharmaceuticals, Inc) RANITIDINE (STAT Rx USA LLC) Ranitidine (State of Florida DOH Central Pharmacy) Ranitidine (Unit Dose Services) Ranitidine (Valu Merchandisers Company) Ranitidine (Wal-Mart Stores, Inc) RANITIDINE (WOCKHARDT LIMITED) RANITIDINE (WOCKHARDT USA LLC) RANITIDINE (WOCKHARDT USA LLC.) Ranitidine - Acid Reducer (Ohm Laboratories Inc.) Ranitidine - Acid Reducer (Premier Value) Ranitidine 75 (Major Pharmaceuticals) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Cadila Healthcare Limited) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Cardinal Health) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Limited) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Keltman Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Mylan Institutional Inc.) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (NCS HealthCare of KY, Inc dba Vangard Labs) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Precision Dose Inc.) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Rebel Distributors Corp) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Sandoz Inc) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Select Brand) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (State of Florida DOH Central Pharmacy) Ranitidine Hydrochloride (Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc.) RAPAFLO (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) RAPAFLO (Watson Pharma, Inc.) Rapamune (Cardinal Health) Rapamune (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company, a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc.) Rapid Comfort Aspirin (Lab Safety Supply, Inc.) Rapid Comfort Extra Strength Non Aspirin (Lab Safety Supply, Inc.) Rapid Comfort Ibuprofen (Lab Safety Supply, Inc.) Rapid Comfort Non Aspirin (Lab Safety Supply, Inc.) Rapid Release Multi-Symptom Allergy Relief (Wal-Mart Stores Inc) Rapid Release Pain Relief (Rite Aid) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (Big Lots Stores, Inc.) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATION) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (DOLGENCORP, LLC) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (Major Pharmaceuticals) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (Safeway) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (Sam's West Inc) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (Target Corporation) Rapid Release Pain Reliever (WALGREEN CO.) Rare Diamonds (Avon Products, Inc.) Rare Gold (Avon Products, Inc.) Rash Relief (Touchless Care Concepts LLC) Rash Relief Antibacterial (Touchless Care Concepts LLC) Rash Relief Antifungal (Touchless Care Concepts LLC) Rash Relief Clear (Touchless Care Concepts LLC) Rash Relief Silver (Touchless Care Concepts LLC) Raspberry (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Raspberry (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Raspberry Hand Sanitizer (Papermates, Inc. dba Noteworthy) Raspberry Vanilla Scented Waterless Hand Sanitizer (Enchante Accessories, Inc) Rat Epithelium (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Ravicti (Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc.) Raw Heat (Raw Health International, LLC) Raw Ice (Raw Health International, LLC) Raxibacumab (Human Genome Sciences, Inc.) Ray Defense (Bioelements, Inc.) Rayito de Sol (Siscom de Argentina S.A.) Rayito de Sol Sunscreen SPF 18 (Siscom de Argentina SA) Rayito de Sol Sunscreen SPF 6 (Siscom de Argentina SA) Raymond Waites Gerber Daisy Waterless Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer (ENCHANTE ACCESSORIES INC.) Raymond Waites Honeysuckle Rose Waterless Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer (ENCHANTE ACCESSORIES INC.) RAYOS (Horizon Pharma Inc.) RAZADYNE (Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) RAZADYNE (Rebel Distributors Corp) RE NUTRIV RADIANT UV BASE (ESTEE LAUDER INC) Re-Charge Black Pepper Antiperspirant (Molton Brown LTD) RE-NUTRIV (ESTEE LAUDER INC) RE-PB HYOS ELIXIR (KAISER FOUNDATION HOSPITALS) RE-PB HYOS ELIXIR (Rebel Distributors Corp) RE9 Advanced (Arbonne International, LLC) Reactheat (Rejuventus) Reactice (Rejuventus, Inc.) Ready America First Aid Outdoor- 107 Pieces (Genuine First Aid, LLC) Ready America First Aid Pocket - 33 Pieces (Genuine First Aid, LLC) Ready Foundation (Bare Escentuals Beauty Inc.) Ready-to-Use (Rugby Laboratories, Inc.) Ready-to-Use Enema (Target Corporation) Readybath TPC (Medline Industries, Inc.) Readycleanse (Medline Industries, Inc.) Readyflush Protect Wipes (Medline Industries, Inc.) Readyflush XLarge (Medline Industries, Inc.) Real Deal Foundation (LAURA GELLER MAKE UP INC.) Real Time Pain Relief (Cosmetic Specialty labs, Inc.) RealHeal (Native Remedies, LLC) Reaphirm Plant Source DHA (Everett Laboratories, Inc.) REBETOL (Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.) REBIF (EMD Serono, Inc.) REBIF REBIDOSE (EMD Serono, Inc.) REBIRTH HAIR (ZION SYNTHETIC FIBER CO., LTD.) REBIRTH HAIR TONIC (ZION SYNTHETIC FIBER CO., LTD.) Reboost (Heel Inc) Reboost (Heel Inc.) Recapture (DefyAging.com Inc.) Recede (Poly Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Recens (Certus Medical, Inc.) Recens A (Certus Medical, Inc.) Recens Foam (Certus Medical, Inc.) Recens Hand Sanitizer Wipes (Certus Medical, Inc.) Recens Ultra (Certus Medical, Inc.) Recharge Sanitizing Towlette (GIOVANNI COSMETICS INC) Reclaim Radiance (Guthy-Renker LLC) Reclast (Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation) Reclipsen (Watson Pharma, Inc.) RECOMBINATE (Baxter Healthcare Corporation) RECOMBIVAX HB (Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.) RECOTHROM (ZymoGenetics, Inc.) Recovatone (Apotheca Company) Recovatone (Energique, Inc.) Recovery (VITAMEDICA INC) ReCreate Foundation (Tarte Inc) RECTICARE (Ferndale Laboratories, Inc.) Rectiv (Aptalis Pharma US, Inc.) Rectiv (ProStrakan, Inc.) RECURO VAGINAL (IONA PHARMACY) Red (River) Birch (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Alder (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) RED ALDER POLLEN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Red Alder Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Red Apple Antibacterial Hand (Zhejiang Blue Dream Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) Red Cedar (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Cedar (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) RED CEDAR POLLEN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Red Cedar Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Red Cleo (Health-Love Co.) Red Delicious Apple (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED EMULSION (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED ESSENCE (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED ESSENCE BB (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED ESSENCE BOOSTER (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED SUN (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) RED GINSENG FERMENTED TONER (NATURE REPUBLIC CO., LTD.) Red Ginseng Pure Red Classic Light (SOBAEK INSAM FARMING COOPERATIVE CORPORATION) Red Ginseng Pure Red Lively Water (SOBAEK INSAM FARMING COOPERATIVE CORPORATION) RED KIDNEY BEAN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Red Kidney Beans (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Red Maple (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Maple (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Red Maple Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Red Max Pro Anti-bacterial Foaming Mango Splash (Zep Inc.) Red Max Pro Anti-bacterial Foaming Springtime Mist (Zep Inc.) Red Max Pro Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner (Zep Inc.) Red Mulberry (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Mulberry (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) RED MULBERRY POLLEN (Allergy Laboratories, Inc.) Red Mulberry Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Red Oak (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Red Oak Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) RED ORANGE JELLY BB (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) RED ORANGE SUN (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) RED ORANGE SUN PACT (SKINFOOD CO., LTD.) Red Pepper (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Pine (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Red Snapper (Nelco Laboratories, Inc.) Redberry Juniper (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Redeem (Momar Inc.) Redness Relief Original (CVS Pharmacy) Redness reliever (American Sales Company) Redness reliever (Kareway Product, Inc.) Redness reliever (Navarro Discount Pharmacies,LLC) Redness reliever (Samchundang Pharm. Co., Ltd.) REDNESS SOLUTIONS MAKEUP (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) Redroot Pigweed Pollen (Allermed Laboratories, Inc.) Redtop Grass, Standardized (ALK-Abello, Inc.) Redwood Pollen (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Reed Canary Grass (Antigen Laboratories, Inc.) Reed Therapeutics Pain Relieving Therapy (Reed Therapeutics) ReEn Hairloss Clinic Jahajin Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp (LG Household and Healthcare, Inc.) Reese ONETAB Congestion and cough (Reese Pharmaceutical Co) REESES ONETAB ALLERGY AND SINUS (REESE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.) REESES ONETAB COLD AND FLU (REESE PHARMACEUTICAL CO.) Refenesen Chest Congestion Relief (Reese Pharmaceutical Co) Refill Saline Packets (CVS Pharmacy) Refissa (Coria Laboratories, LTD) REFISSA (Obagi Medical Products, Inc.) REFISSA (Spear Dermatology Products) REFISSA (Suneva Medical, Inc.) Refludan (Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.) Reflux (Deseret Biologicals, Inc.) REFRESH CELLUVISC (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH Classic (Allergan, Inc.) Refresh Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer (Evonik Stockhausen, LLC) REFRESH LACRI-LUBE (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH LIQUIGEL (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH OPTIVE (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH OPTIVE Advanced (Allergan, Inc.) Refresh Optive Sensitive (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH P.M. (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH PLUS (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH REDNESS RELIEF (Allergan, Inc.) Refresh Sanitizing Towlette (GIOVANNI COSMETICS INC) REFRESH TEARS (Allergan, Inc.) REFRESH TEARS (Mechanical Servants, Inc.) Refresh Tears Lubricant (Navajo Manufacturing Company Inc.) Refuge HC (CoValence Inc.) Regemarine (Zenith Medicosm SL) REGENECARE HA (MPM Medical, Inc.) Regimen (PSS World Medical, Inc.) Regimex (Wraser Pharmaceuticals) Regional Allergies Northeastern US (King Bio Inc,) Reglan (ANIP Acquisition Company) Reglan (Baxter Healthcare Corporation) Reglan (General Injectables & Vaccines, Inc) REGLAN (STAT RX USA LLC) Reglan (UCB, Inc.) Regonol (Sandoz Inc) Regranex (Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Regulaor Strength Buffered Aspirin (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) Regular (Kareway Product, Inc.) regular strength (Publix Super Markets Inc) Regular Strength Antacid Calcium Supplement (Publix Super Markets Inc) Regular Strength Aspirin (ARMY AND AIR FORCE EXCHANGE SERVICE) Regular Strength Aspirin (Wal-Mart Stores Inc) Regular Strength Aspirin (WALGREEN CO.) Regular Strength Aspirin (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) Regular Strength Aspirin EC (Aphena Pharma Solutions - Tennessee, LLC) Regular Strength Aspirin EC (H.J. Harkins Company, Inc.) Regular Strength Aspirin EC (Major Pharmaceuticals Inc) Regular Strength Aspirin EC (NCS HealthCare of KY, Inc dba Vangard Labs) Regular Strength Enteric Aspirin (L.N.K. International, Inc.) Regular Strength Enteric coated aspirin (Geri-Care Pharmaceutical Corp) Regular Strength Pain Relief (Geri-Care Pharmaceutical Corp) Regular Strength Pain Relief (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) Regular Strength Pain Reliever (Athlete's Needs Inc) Regular Strength Pain Reliever (WALGREEN CO.) Regular Strength QPAP (Bryant Ranch Prepack) Regular Strength QPAP (Qualitest Pharmaceuticals) Regular Strength Sleep-Aid (WOONSOCKET PRESCRIPTION CENTER,INCORPORATED) Regular Strength Tri-Buffered Aspirin (WALGREEN CO.) Reguloid (Rugby Laboratories) Rehydrate (Apotheca Company) Rejuvaderm MediSpa Acne Back (Ellen Frankle MD Inc.) Rejuvaderm Medispa Body (Ellen H Frankle MD Inc) Rejuvaderm medispa fading (Ellen H Frankle MD Inc) Rejuvaderm Medispa sunscreen (Ellen H Frankle MD Inc) Rejuvenating BB (Have and Be Co., Ltd.) Rejuvenation (Degen Health Products) Rejuvity moisturizing day cream BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 SUNSCREEN (Isagenix International, LLC) Relagesic (International Ethical Labs, inc.) Relax (Apotheca Company) Relax AM-PM (Foster Regal Laboratories) Relax Sanitizing Towlette (GIOVANNI COSMETICS INC) Relaxagen (Homeocare Laboratories) Relaxation Complex (Nova Homeopathic Therapeutics, Inc.) Relaxatone (Apotheca Company) Relaxatone (Energique, Inc.) Relaxoforce (Apotheca Company) Relaxoforce (BioActive Nutritional, Inc.) RelCof-C (Burel Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Releev Cold Sore Treatment (Merix Pharmaceutical Corp.) Releev Cold Sore Treatment (Topical Pharmaceuticals Inc.) RELENZA (Dispensing Solutions Inc.) RELENZA (GlaxoSmithKline LLC) RELENZA (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) ReliaMed (Reliamed) Reliance Hand Saniziter (Ecolab Inc.) Relief (H and P Industries, Inc. dba Triad Group) Relief (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) Relief 3 (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) Relief 3-G12 (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) Relief MD (Blue Cross Laboratories, Inc.) Relief plus G12 (VIATREXX BIO INCORPORATED) Relief Towelette (H and P Industries, Inc. dba Triad Group) Relief-PE (NorMed) Relistor (Salix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Relistor (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Company, a subsidiary of Pfizer Inc.) RELNATE DHA (Burel Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Relovox (Transdermal Corp) Relpax (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Relpax (Rebel Distributors Corp) Relpax (Roerig) Relpax (STAT Rx USA LLC) Relpax (U.S. Pharmaceuticals) Rembrandt Canker Sore (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.) Rembrandt Deeply White Plus Peroxide Whitening (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.) Rembrandt Intense Stain (Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.) Reme-Flu (Legacy Biotechnologies Inc.) Remedy Antifungal (Medline Industries, Inc.) Remedy Antimicrobial Cleanser (Medline Industries, Inc.) REMEDY Calazime Skin Protectant (Medline Industries, Inc.) Remedy Cleansing Body (Medline Industries, Inc.) REMEDY Clear-Aid Skin Protectant (Medline Industries, Inc) Remedy Dimethicone Moisture Barrier (Medline Industries, Inc.) Remedy Nutrashield (Medline Industries, Inc.) Remedy Skin Repair (Medline Industries, Inc.) Remedy with Phytoplex Antifungal Clear (Medline Industries Inc.) Remedy with Phytoplex Z-Guard (Medline Industries Inc.) REMERON (Organon Pharmaceuticals USA) REMERON (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) REMERONSOLTAB (Organon Pharmaceuticals USA) Remeven (Stratus Pharmaceuticals, Inc) REMICADE (Janssen Biotech, Inc.) Remodulin (United Therapeutics Corporation) REN Satin Perfection BB Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Light-Medium (Ren Ltd.) Renacidin (United-Guardian, Inc.) Renaforce (Apotheca Company) Renagel (Cardinal Health) Renagel (Genzyme Corporation) Renagel (REMEDYREPACK INC.) Renal Caps (Cypress Pharmaceutical, Inc.) Renastat (Energique, Inc.) Rendrevie Sun Screen SPF35 PA (Cellinbio Co Ltd) Renew Mirra Deep Moisture (Kroger Company) RENEWAL (RITE AID) RENEWAL (RITE AID CORPORATION) Renewal 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Vitamin (Rite Aid Corporation) Renewal Anti-Wrinkle (Rite Aid Corporation) RENEWAL DAILY MOISTURIZER SENSITIVE SKIN (RITE AID CORPORATION) renewal for men (Rite Aid Corporation) Renewing Antioxidant Treatment SPF 6 (GNLD International) RENO CAPS (Nnodum Pharmaceuticals) Renova (Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Renova (Rebel Distributors Corp) Renova (Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America LLC) Renown Antiseptic (Ecolab Inc.) Renstat (Apotheca Company) RENUTRIV (ESTEE LAUDER INC) Renvela (Cardinal Health) Renvela (Genzyme Corporation) Renvela (KAISER FOUNDATION HOSPITALS) REOPRO (Eli Lilly and Company) REOROM (HANBUL COSMETICS CO., LTD.) REPAIRWEAR (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) REPAIRWEAR ANTI -AGING MAKEUP (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC.) REPAIRWEAR LIFT (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC) REPAIRWEAR UPLIFTING FIRMING (CLINIQUE LABORATORIES INC.) REPARA (PSS World Medical, Inc.) Repara Silver Nitrate (PSS World Medical, Inc.) Repara Triple Antibiotic (PSS WORLD MEDICAL, INC.) Repressed Sexual Issues (King Bio Inc.) Reprexain (Hawthorn Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) REPREXAIN (Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Reprexain (Stat Rx USA) Repronex (Ferring Pharmaceuticals) REQUIP (Bryant Ranch Prepack) REQUIP (GlaxoSmithKline LLC) REQUIP (PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) REQUIP (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Res Balancer (Apotheca Company) Rescon (Capellon Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Rescon DM (Capellon Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Rescon GG (Capellon Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Rescon JR (Capellon Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Rescon MX (Capellon Pharmaceuticals, LLC) RESCRIPTOR (KAISER FOUNDATION HOSPITALS) RESCRIPTOR (ViiV Healthcare Company) Rescue (Apotheca Company) Rescue 5 (Energique, Inc.) Rescue Pastilles Cranberry (Nelson Bach USA Ltd) Rescue Pearls (Nelson Bach USA Ltd) Rescue Remedy (Nelson Bach USA, Ltd.) Rescue Remedy Kids (Nelson Bach USA, Ltd.) Rescue Sleep (Nelson Bach USA, Ltd.) Rescula (Sucampo Pharma Americas, LLC) Reserpine (Eon Labs, Inc.) RESILIENCE LIFT (ESTEE LAUDER INC) Resilience Lift Extreme (Estee Lauder Inc.) RESILIENCE LIFT EXTREME CREME COMPACT MAKEUP (ESTEE LAUDER INC) RESILIENCE LIFT FIRMING SCULPTING FACE AND NECK BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 (ESTEE LAUDER INC) Resinol (ResiCal, Inc.) Respaire-30 (Laser Pharmaceuticals, LLC) Respiratory Complex (Nova Homeopathic Therapeutics, Inc.) RespiratoryCare (King Bio Inc) Respitrol (Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife Inc.) Rest Simply (GREAT LAKES WHOLESALE, MARKETING, & SALES, INC.) Rest Simply (NASH-FINCH COMPANY) Rest Simply (Stephen L. LaFrance Pharmacy, Inc.) RESTASIS (Allergan, Inc.) RESTASIS (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Restful Legs (Hyland's) Restless Leg (Newton Laboratories, Inc.) Restless Leg Symptom Relief (King Bio Inc.) Restless Legs Relief (Apotheca Company) Restless Mind (King Bio Inc.) Restorative Day Moisture SPF 15 (Boscia LLC) RESTORIL (Cardinal Health) RESTORIL (Mallinckrodt, Inc.) RESTORIL (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) restorsea Rejuvenating Day SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA UVB with Vibransea Complex (RESTORSEA INC) Restulex (Ionx Holdings d/b/a HelloLife Inc.) Retadolor (Concept Laboratories, Inc.) Retaine CMC Lubricant Eye Drops (OCuSOFT Inc.) retaine HPMC (OCuSOFT, Inc.) retaine MGD (OCuSOFT, Inc.) Retavase (EKR Therapeutics, Inc.) Retin (Zenith Medicosm SL) Retin-A (A-S Medication Solutions LLC) Retin-A (Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) Retin-A (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Retin-A MICRO (Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals) Retin-A MICRO (Physicians Total Care, Inc.) Retisert (Bausch & Lomb Incorporated) retrospect day shield broad spectrum SPF 25 (Keraplast Technologies LLC) RETROVIR (GlaxoSmithKline LLC) RETROVIR (ViiV Healthcare Company) REVALESKIN (Stiefel Laboratories Inc) Revalife (International Nutraceutical Company of America (INCA), LLC) Revatio (Cardinal Health) Revatio (Pfizer Laboratories Div Pfizer Inc)

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